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A dream came true but in his absence – Hürriyet

By Saturday May 8th, 2010April 28th, 2021No Comments

I have arrived in Düsseldorf to see the greatest dream of a close friend come true.

Unfortunately he will not be there to witness it.

I have mentioned to you already Nahit Kabakçı, who we lost recently. He had a dream of having the best collection of Turkish art and to make this collection available to art-lovers all around the world.

The first, he managed to accomplish and built up a serious collection, but the latter stage of his dream was destined to be realized by his daughter Hüma. He had already meant for this to happen. He named his collection after his daughter, so that Hüma would finish the job he had started.

“Hüma Kabakçı Collection Turkish Art of the Last 60 Years” exhibition opens today in Hagen Osthaus Museum near Düsseldorf.

It’s an opportunity for art enthusiasts in Germany to view a slice of Republican-era Turkish art that are considered the finest examples and pioneers of their time.

I regard this exhibition as an earnest step taken to correct the negative impressions of Turkey and Turkish art.

The exhibition will tour other European cities in the following months.

Our latest trip with Nahit Kabakçı was destined for Thessaloniki. He planned to open the exhibition also in that city, and made me accompany him as he went to Thessaloniki to hold talks for preliminary works.

Now, we are to visit the exhibition in his absence. On this occasion, I call Nahit Kabakçı to remembrance.

Mehmet Yılmaz

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