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Exhibition: Exciting Turkish art in Osthaus-Museum – Yvonne Hinz, Hagen

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Hagen. Exhibition to open on Saturday May 8 at Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum in Hagen is called “60 Years of Turkish Art”. 200 modern and contemporary artworks are displayed from Huma Kabakçı Turkish Collection.

“60 Years of Turkish Art” to open in Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum not only connects two 2010 Cultures of Europe – Istanbul and Ruhr Region- but also acts as the introducer of firsts, because this is the first time 200 modern and contemporary pieces from Huma Kabakçı Turkish Collection is ever to be displayed in a European museum.

Tragic Aspect

It was the end of August, 2009 when renowned art collector visited Osthaus-Museum for the opening of Christian-Rohlfs Exhibition. In November, the enthusiastic collector of Turkish and international art has died. Osthaus-Museum Director Tayfun Belgin, who collaborated with Nahit Kabakçı in the preliminary works of the presentation for over two years said: “Tragic thing is it is as if we are opening a memorial exhibition. He must have felt it. Nahit had recently changed the name of the exhibition and named it after his daughter Huma.”

Focused on the “60 Years of Istanbul Art”, the exhibition also receives the admiration of another Turkish-born, Tayfun Belgin. From 1967 to 1971, he himself resided in the 15-million metropolis settled on the shores of Bosporus. Belgin says: “Nahit Kabakçı was in love with art. The collector was a sentimental art person.”

Paintings, Objects and Photographs

Not only paintings of series Turkish artists are displayed at Osthaus-Museum, but also the objects and 60 B&W photographs of Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler. Güler has immortalized cityscapes and spontaneous moments in Istanbul.

The exhibition intertwines art, politics and society, and underlines the women’s role. Religious issues are partially dealt with satirically, as it is the case with Nahit Kabakçı’s favorite artist Ardan Özmenoğlu’s work titled “Cumaya gittim, gelicem” (Gone for Friday pray, will be right back). An excellent example of how Turkish art is inspired by living sources is the satin, circular painting of Erinç Seymen with spangle and embroidery titled “Sultan ile İnek” (Sultan and the Cow). 30-year old artist plays with the Ottoman traditions in an unusual way.

Exhibition opens at 16:00 on Saturday, May 8.

Yvonne Hinz

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